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Black Summer Truffles

Italian Black Summer truffles are available in the summer. The typical harvest period falls between the months of May through August. The truffles are most commonly found in Italy in the Marche region and are also gathered in Roccafluvione, Macerata, and San Gineso.

Italian Black Summer truffles widely vary in size and shape, averaging 2 to 10 centimeters in diameter, and have a rounded, lumpy, and lopsided appearance, molded by stones and other textural components of soil.

Italian Black Summer truffles, considered one of the most widely distributed truffle species found in nearly every European country, are harvested at peak maturity, typically an hour before sunrise.


Italian Black Summer truffles contain a subtle aroma and have a mild, delicate flavor reminiscent of porcini mushrooms mixed with garlic, chocolate, and hazelnut nuances. The mushroom has a very delicate taste and aroma that is very mild when compared to its seasonal cousin, the Black Winter truffle.

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